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7 şart tövbe alma el alma nakşibendi tasavvuf dergah şeyh

7 Conditions

There are a number of conditions that must be fulfilled for one night in order for every subject, who is a member of our sect, to receive spiritual training from our Murshid. These conditions are the most appropriate to do after all the work related to the world is completed, especially after the isha prayer. These conditions must be made within 3 days at the latest after receiving repentance.

1. To make prayer wudu with the intention of repentance:

While washing the Aza, we should pray, "O Rabbi, clean up the spiritual impurities caused by my sins that I have committed with my limbs."

2. To make ghusl ablution with the intention of repenting:

While washing the limbs, we should pray as in the first condition.

3. To perform a two-rak'ah istihara prayer with the intention of repentance:

Infidel in the first rak'ah; In the second rak'ah, the Surahs of İhlas are read and performed. If the unbeliever is not known, another chapter can be read.

4. Repentance on your own:

To repent by closing his eyes and drawing "astaghfirullah" both with his tongue and with his heart after the istihara prayer means "astaghfirullah" at least 25 times. Eyes remain closed after this moment.

5. Making a nexus in noodles:

We can do it as follows: It is to think that our sheikh is sitting in front of us, that the light coming out between his two eyebrows enters between our two eyebrows and flows towards our heart, cleansing our hearts and our whole body.

6. Reading 8 Fatihas to Sadat-ı Kiram:

It is to read and gift 8 Fatiha-yı Şerife, especially our Prophet, to the elders of this path. For the names of Saadati Kiram in Manners of Repentance, we recommend that you obtain your Disciple's handbook or contact the attorney you are in contact with.

7. Death Nile

1 Fatiha 11 İhlas-ı Şerif is recited and given as a gift to all the Prophet and His Messenger, Ekrem Efendi and Sâdat-ı Kiram, respectively. Then, the nexus of death is done in a way that our surrogate brothers will tell you.

Afterwards, he says 25 Astaghfirullah and opens his eyes, and sleeps without speaking by reaching out to the right side, facing the qibla.

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