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tasavvufta rabıta

"Râbıta consists of connecting a perfect and perfect heart that has been accrued with divine-personal attributes and has reached the position of observation, and preserving the image of that person in the treasure of imagination in his peace and absence." Râbıta-i Şerîfe, Beyazıt State Library, No. 243435, p. 18.

Nexus means spiritual liaison in short. Every action that provides the spiritual connection of the disciple with the Sheikh can be called nexus. If we adapt it to today, we can interpret it as the advanced form of the mobile phone, the spiritual link is like a telepathic phone from heart to heart. With this telepathic phone analogy, the mürid can present his status to his Mürşid and he can be blessed with the fascination that comes to him.

When we examine our brain neurologically, we see that billions of neurons that provide communication communicate with each other only with an electrical current, without any connection. It is also quite common for neurons, which wirelessly transmit signals from the nervous system, to communicate with another brain. And in today's research, it has been determined that the brains send signals to each other no matter how far the distance is. While the discovery of the power of thought in the world of science took place in the 21st century, our religion exemplified it 1400 years ago with Veysel Karani, who was in love with our Prophet (saas). The Honorary Master of the Universe turned to the Yemen side and said, "The scent of Rahman comes to me from the side of me." He said for His Holiness Veysel Karani, whom he never met, "Üveys is the best of nature." This happened when Veysel Karani did not take our Prophet (saas) out of his mind for a moment, that is, he constantly provided spiritual contact in a state of nexus.

Rabıta is made to the true Mürşid who has reached Insan-ı Kamil. The heart of the Murshid, who has educated his soul, has the honor of being a friend of God, and who has fulfilled his duty of guiding people, is full of spiritual fantasies. In this way, the reflection of spiritual feyzin from the heart of the Murshid is embellished to the heart of the Murid.

However, the main purpose of Rabıta, which is even more important than daily life in Naqshbandi, is to ensure that man's every breath is counted, his every step is watched, that he is aware of everything and continues his life accordingly in the presence of Allah. “He is with you wherever you are. God sees what you do ”. It is to live as commanded in the verse (Hadid-4). Who knows that he is always in the presence of the Lord of the Worlds, can make mistakes and commit sins? Here the main purpose is to gain this. In this case, Mürşid is like the head of the classroom, which they put on their heads to keep the class silent when the teacher goes out. They observe, examine, but the real authority in the classroom is the teacher.

In the Nakşibendi Bursevi Branch, there is a Rabıta, which is required to be performed after every Evening Prayer. In the month of Ramadan, this lesson, nexus, is taken after the afternoon prayer.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to make a nexus before entering Hatme, before taking the daily Virdi, while visiting a tomb, and on the way to the road. Likewise, it will be beneficial to walk around in connection with spiritual help and spirituality to flow into our hearts at all hours of the day and while doing all kinds of affairs.

You need to learn how to make Nexus in the branch of Bursevi directly from your Attorney.

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