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Vird and Daily Lessons

What is Vird?

Vird means daily duty. When referring to the Mürşid-i Kamil, he gives the disciple his daily duty according to his nature and legitimacy; this may be Lafza-ı Jalal, or reading a certain amount of the Quran, making salawat and repentance-forgiveness.

Vird is a daily remedy for the heart. This medicine must be taken every day for the heart to wake up from heedlessness and heal. Vird should enter the life of a Muslim like the five daily prayers. The elders said that 'a non-virtuous person has no existence' (Eşref Ali Tanevi, Hadithlerle Tasawwuf, 88).

In Sufism, the goal is to wake the heart from heedlessness and attain eternal peace by connecting it to Allah Almighty. The first and easiest way to do this is to keep the heart busy with dhikr. Dhikr is the shortest and easiest way connecting the heart to Allah Almighty. The greatest virtue of dhikr is that the servant of the dhikr mentions it in the special presence of Almighty Allah. Our Almighty Lord of the Worlds:

“You mention me; I will mention you too. " Even if his gospel is enough to explain the virtue of dhikr. The following holy hadith gives special good news to the people of dhikr:

“When my servant mentions me, I am with him. If my servant mentions me secretly, I will mention him privately. If he remembers me in a community, I will mention him in a better group (among my angels). "

The following verse introduces us to the true intellectuals:

“Those true minded people remember God while standing (walking) and lying on their sides (in all its states and times). They contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth. "

The great commentator Fahruddin Razî (rah) says: “A heart is revived only by the love of Almighty Allah, it comes to life with the love of Allah, it reaches peace with its remembrance,” he says and adds: A servant chants only with his tongue, thanks with his limbs, disappears with his heart in ideas and continues with all his existence. He becomes a real person when you serve. "

In another verse, Almighty Allah states the state of those who are always with him as follows:

“They are such men that any trade or trade does not prevent them from mentioning Allah, performing prayers and giving alms. They are afraid of the Last Day, when hearts and eyes will turn from terror. "

Allama lusî (rah.) Says in the interpretation of this verse: “Many of the people of the Islamic Ummah and especially the Naksibendi elders have reached the permanent dhikr described in the verse and have made the greatest aim to reach this dhikr. The dhikr is well established in their hearts. In no case are they unaware of the remembrance of Almighty Allah. "

Thus, friends of Allah want to convey us to these good news by having us make this type of dhikr.

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) said:

They said, "The best dhikr is secret dhikr."

Arifler described the dhikr as the diploma of guardianship. Without dhikr, the heart does not wake up, one cannot be a friend of Allah.

Even if it is heedless, it should be caught. The dhikr taken with heedlessness is better and more profitable than not taking it and leaving it. Because even if a person is not aware of it, his body is occupied with the dhikr of Allah at that moment.

The Vird lesson can be done in twenty-four hours, but the most virtuous time of dhikr is in the morning and evening. There is no makruh time for the Vird lesson. However, preoccupation with vird should not delay the fard prayers.

Vird on the arm of Bursevi

In the Nakşibendi Bursevi Branch, the deputies appointed by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin personally give the instructions to work. There should be a continuous dialogue between the Proxy and the Devotee. If there is a change in the state of the devout, if it is necessary to increase or decrease the vird, the attorney informs Sheikh Ahmed Yasin about this. Mawlana Sheikh also speaks what is necessary, no deputy can act independently.

There are also daily classes, which can be given to the public as well as private teaching. Anyone can take these lessons, it is important to note only the number.

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