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Nakşibendilik and Bursevi Branch

Sufis accept that the paths to Allah are as many as the breaths of the creatures. In the Sufi sense, each of these ways is called "Tarikat". Those who want to make a journey towards Allah try to complete their spiritual upbringing by choosing one or more of these ways according to their own desires and temperaments. Almost every sect is divided into various branches and branches within itself, and as long as all these branches remain in the line of Ahl al-Sunnah, they are riches for Sufism. The Nakşibendiyye order attributed to His Holiness Bahaddin Nakşibend was likewise divided into some branches.

Naqshbandi, which is one of the most common sects in the Islamic world, has been called by various names until today. The first of these is the "Hacegan Road" and it covers the part from Abdulhalık Gücdüvani to Shah-ı Nakşibend. Together with Bahaddin Nakşibend, the road was named "Nakşbendiyye".

A new branch was formed with Hace Ubeydullah Ahrar, one of the prominent sheikhs in the Nakşibendi lineage, and this arm was called "Ahrariyye". It was also through this branch that Naqshbandi was represented for the first time in Anatolia.

In the 17th century, the "Mujaddidiyya" branch was established by Imam Rabbani in India. The Mujaddidiyya, which replaced all other branches of Naqshbandism, not only allowed the Naqshbandi to spread in the Indian subcontinent, but also prevented the destruction of Ahl al-Sunnah creed in this region. The part of the order from Imam Rabbani to Halid-i Bagdadi was named as Nakshibendiyye Mujeddidiyye.

Mevlana Halid-i Bagdadi, who completed his Sufi training under the supervision of Abdullah Dehlevi in India-Delhi, took out a new arm in Naqshbandiyye and named this arm "Halidiyya". Halidiyy to handle hundreds of Mawlana Khalid caliph with an extremely large area, especially with almost all Arab lands aracııg has found the opportunity to expand in Turkey.

Nowadays, the cola, which is attributed to Sheikh Nazım Cyprus , which has made Naqshbandi spread in a wide geography, especially in Europe and America, is called the "Hakkani Branch". After the death of His Holiness of Cyprus on May 08, 2014, a new branch called "Nakşibendi Bursevi" was established by one of his caliphs, Sheikh Ahmed Yasin. This branch acts with the creed of the Sunnah of the People of the People, and educates its students according to the decency and method of 12 sects. There are vocal dhikr and silent dhikr and it is performed according to the method of counting Hatme-i Hacegan with stones.

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